Tait DMR is a highly reliable, modern, digital radio that is designed to meet business critical needs.  Tait DMR offers a digital communications solution based on the DMR standard.

The TP9310 DMR Tier2 portable is designed for organizations needing an easy to use radio which is tough enough to survive in demanding environments.



  • Dual-mode portable. (DMR Conventional and conventional analog FM)
  • Roaming between FM Conventional and DMR Tier 2 Conventional Networks
  • Open DMR standard provides choice and interoperability
  • Engineered for demanding environments with IP67 rating
  • Audio clarity provided by noise reducing digital technology
  • High quality audio
  • Support for digital encryption
  • Integrated GPS to improve efficiency and safety
  • Available with a range of accessories and battery options
  • Enhanced VHF wideband antenna option
  • Optional colors available. Orange and Hi-Visibility Green


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